Female Wisdom with Rakel Sosa

Submitted by Coco on Sat, 06/27/2015

Welcome to my show "Free Woman" where I meet amazing women who live by their own rules and inspire others to do the same.

My guest is my dear Friend Rakel Sosa, creator of Blooming Together, Pranayama healer and inspiring mother whose adventurous life has led her to pursue various careers and to live on three continents.

With Rakel we speak about tuning into our female wisdom, motherhood (she's one of the best mothers I know) and so much more.

Rakel Sosa's must read books:
1. http://goo.gl/vUncas
2. http://goo.gl/mDCB0V
3. http://goo.gl/WbP6b6

About Rakel
Rakel Sosa has been practicing Raja Yoga for nineteen years and was trained by Healer David Elliott as a Pranayama Breathwork healer. She has been working in private and group sessions in Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, United States and Venezuela since 2010. She is the co-author of Blooming Together, an Audio Pregnancy Program designed to enhance the well-being of babies and expectant mothers. She is the co-founder of Onearth Practice, a worldwide meditation group that promotes world peace through meditation. Rakel earned a master’s degree in Communication from The Sorbonne University in Paris. She worked as a journalist for 11 years for Radio France International covering social and political issues around the world. Today as a filmmaker and healer she uses her professional skills for promoting self-realization and well-being.

Check out Rakel's amazing pregnancy program Blooming Together.

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