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Strong & Sexy - How Pelvic Floor Power Can Change Your Life

  • Berlin Berlin Germany (map)

Most women have no access to the power of their pelvis. The pelvic floor is the often misunderstood and neglected centerpiece of our musculoskeletal system and crucial for healthy elegant movement and for our sensual life. Any numbness and blockadea there can make us feel out of balance, lost or stuck in dance and in our life.

In this workshop day you will discover the delicate power inside your hips and new aspects of your pelvic floor. You will experience a new feeling of moving from within. You will build new neuronal pathways and enjoy a feeling of groundedness, aliveness and sensuality in your body. You will also see immediate results on your posture and overall flexibility.

You will learn a set of amazing groundbreaking excises that you can take with you where ever you go. Use them any time you want to feel more sexy and alive while at the same time you practice your pelvic floor.
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