Feel Amazing in Your Skin

Today I share 3 simple hacks to feel, sexy, confident and just amazing in your skin. You will enjoy yourself, sex and life much more.

But first let’s have a closer look at your skin. It’s fascinating! Your skin is not only a beautiful hull, holding your body together, it's also your biggest and most multifunctional organ. The skin plays a major role in your metabolism, in your perception of the world and of course in your nonverbal communication.

Just follow me through this sensuous skin series:

1. Sensing your skin from the inside increases radiance and confidence:

2. Sensing touch from within transforms your love life:

3. Sensing everything you touch heightens your presence:

Isn't it amazing to live inside your skin?

For best results focus on one of these techniques for one day or one week. And let me know how you feel in the comments!

Picture: Coco Berlin by Rainer Elstermann.

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