Sensuous Nature

Submitted by Coco on Sun, 11/04/2012

Take your body, mind and soul out into the nature daily! Whether you live in real wilderness or in the urban jungle:

Let the weather penetrate your soul.

Dive right in and feel the humidity of the autumn evening, feel the sultry heat of summer, feel the dryness of the winter-cold.

Enjoy the colors of the ever changing sky. Let the fresh breeze or the wild storm caress your skin and play with your hair.

Let the sun beams tickle your eyes and hug your skin. Let the raindrops moisturize your face.

Listen to the leaves in the trees, to your feet on the way, to the never-ending stream of cars on the busy road.

Breathe in the fresh air deeply and smell the scents of nature, smell the winds, smell the subway, smell the bakery, smell the exhaust.

See how mankind has built the city on the skin of the earth. See how nature always finds a way to flourish in between those artifacts.

Feel how you are moving through this world - a part of it all.

1. Take a walk without any purpose and expose yourself to the sensuousness of nature that surrounds you wherever you go. Walk as slow as you need to indulge in your senses. Stroll around the city, to the river, to the park or go on an adventurous hike in the woods.

2. You don't have time? Walk to work - or shopping... Just don't rush.

3. If you have a hard time coming to your senses, try our my Sensuous Dance Workout or the Embodiment & Pelvic Floor Integration Classes at Essence. They will help you to practice your sensuous focus.