The Best Morning Routine Tip

What do you do after you leave your bed? Do you have a routine? A set of habits that help you to start your day sensuous and energized?

My whole life I have thought routines were boring. I wanted to be free, spontaneous and impulsive. It culminated in long sleeping and endless breakfasts with my boyfriend. While it was really a relaxed and free lifestyle - I called it "the bliss of being my own boss" - there was sometimes a looming feeling of postponing to actually start the day, and a sublime fear of not getting anything done the whole day came up from time to time.

Adding some healthy habits into my mornings step by step over the last ten years lead me paradoxically to more freedom, and to happier, more fulfilled days - while I got more done in the same time.

Today I'd love to share with you the one morning habit that had the most positive effect on my life. I have implemented it over seven years ago. And I only miss out on it in the rare case of having to catch an airplane at 6 am ...

Here it comes, it's so simple: I move my body, mind and soul. I decide what I want to do spontaneously, I listen to the needs of my body and my soul. It takes me 30 to 60 minutes and I do it most of the time before breakfast.

You don't have time in the morning?
Well, it's up to you, but these minutes are so well invested. Even if I have to get up earlier than I would normally wake up, I'd rather sleep shorter than skipping my movement.

Here are the benefits:

  1. Dance and any exercise where you really tune in to yourself and your sensuousness balance your body, mind and spirit. This enables you to start your day sensuous, centered and focused.
  2. Turning on your metabolism with movement on an empty stomach will boost your energy level for the entire day.
  3. You feel accomplished as you have already done a workout in the morning.
  4. Recent studies show that even if you work out only three times a week before breakfast, you fall asleep more easily at night and your sleep is also deeper. And as you already know, getting a better sleep improves not only your mood. It has a tremendously positive effect on your health.
  5. Studies also prove that wile you might not reach your peak performances before breakfast, you loose more weight than you would by exercising after eating.
  6. According to the ancient teachings of Ayurveda the morning time is the best time to move for cultivating a healthy lifestyle.

So now I want to challenge you:
For the next week, starting tomorrow, make time to move your body, mind and spirit!

  1. Choose only a way of moving you will actually enjoy. If I don't have any time I do at least my energizing full body warm up from my free Essence Online Classes to move and stretch my body from head to toe. If you want to connect to your sensuality and your emotions I recommend my 20 minutes Sensuous Dance Workout. And in case you only have 5 minutes I have you covered with the Instant Workout :)
  2. Make sure to wake up earlier, so you really have time to enjoy your workout.
  3. Tell me if you did it and how you liked it!

I wish you joy!


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