Meditation Is Easy

Submitted by Coco on Tue, 05/07/2013

Meditation is one of my favorite techniques to free my mind and open my senses. It's much easier than you think and an exciting journey to your inner self.

I have found meditation at the age of 16. I have explored different techniques over time, but I didn't stick with any of it. We had an on and off affair ;) But some years ago I started to develop a consistent practice - and I'm far from breaking up wit it as it's getting better and better over time!

I'm also proud to present to you my very first sensuousmind video!

I didn't edit it, so it will be like we would sit together - with all the bloopers ;)

The challenge: commit to 5 Minutes of meditation for the next seven days.

Have fun and talk to you next week!


P.S.: It's more fun to face a challenge with friends. Forward it to your loved ones!