How-To Beauty Sleep

Submitted by Coco on Mon, 12/10/2012

When celebrities or top models are asked to reveal their beauty secrets they tend to say: drinking water and sleeping. Most of us think that's just a slogan, as they all have personal trainers, lifestyle coaches and get expensive beauty-treatments.

But the truth is, while all the luxurious treatments are certainly a great investment into your beauty and well-being, without the rejuvenating effects of a good sleep they are worthless.

But how is it possible that the cheapest, easiest and most important way to regenerate our body and mind is neglected by almost everybody?

All our life we are conditioned to sleep less and work more - or party more. We push ourselves so hard the whole day and build such a high level of stress hormones in our body, while suppressing important sleep & relaxation hormones, that when we finally fall into bed, we don't sleep well at all.

If we don't get enough rest, our body can't regenerate the way it would be natural - and necessary for a healthy and happy life. It's not only our beauty that suffers, we weaken our immune system and our psychological health. Science also links the lack of sleep to obesity.

Getting your perfect amount of sleep in the time that is perfect for you will make all the difference between sensuous vitality and foggy anxiousness.

I'm not perfect at getting enough sleep, and I guess, neither are you. How about we all try to get more beauty sleep this one week, and see if we can turn it into a new habit?

So this weeks challenge is:

1. Try to sense when you get tired for the first time after 6 p.m. in the evening, how do you notice tiredness? Note the exact time you can detect it. I guess, you won't go to bed the first time, so write down all the following times too.

2. Please share your findings with me on Social Media (under any picture or in any group, I read it all), so we can compare.

3. Try using night mode on all your screens after sunset to keep your melatonin production alive.

4. Go to bed one hour earlier than you usually do (I know it's hard) and spend the time feeling your body, cuddling, loving, reading, doing a meditation or writing your journal, reading a book... until you feel ready for sleeping.

5. If you have a hard time letting go of the day, unwind with my relaxing Pelvic Floor Flows. You find them inside the Sensuous Dance Workout and in Essence Premium. They not only help you relax, you also automatically strengthen your body-mind connection, build new healthy neuronal pathways and train your sexy pelvic floor.

6. Don't bring your phone to bed!

Most of us, tend to push ourselves unconsciously through the tiredness and try to extend the day. Let's commit to not do this for just one week.

Share this article and get your family & friends on board!

Have a wonderful week!