The One Mistake that Keeps Us Stressed Out

Submitted by Coco on Thu, 04/17/2014

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed by everyday stress or major life problems? Your thoughts circulate like crazy around that one topic. There is no way out, you feel stress raising in your body, your breath is inhibited and you do not feel capable to deal with anything at all.

You are far away from feeling sexy, confident and at ease. But as counterintuitive as it may seem in this situation sensuousness is in fact the key to deal with stress and solve the problems you have.

Only if you take your time to step back, breathe and feel your body, calmness and clarity have the chance to return. And only in this state you have access to your true potential. Only from here you have the ability to reflect and to take the right actions.

Of course this sounds easier than it is, and wearing blinders of stress we just can't think of turning to our senses. Practicing awareness is key, don't get onto the rat race blindly. Try to become aware as soon as things start to feel off.

If you don't take time out to return to your sensuous self, you block yourself from the happiness that is possible for you and in the long run you could maneuver yourself into a burn out.

The best things in life are fun! Of course there are also things in life that are not fun, but they don't get better when you feel bad too. It's so much more enjoyable to tackle that never-ending project when you feel love and connection to yourself and your purpose. 

But what if it's already too late? What to do in an S.O.S. situation?

  1. Switch your focus to your breath and try to release tensions in your body with breathing out. Feel how the air falls into your body and feel it falling out of your body.
  2. As you proceed, try to feel more and more of your body. Which emotions do you feel? Give them some space. They are ok.
  3. Then start to open your perception to the world around you. Feel the air, see everything, hear everything and smell - without judging, just being aware. You are here now. Stay as long as you can and enjoy.

If you practice sensuous awareness, in the way I write about it here on my blog and how I teach in my Sensuous Dance Program, you will be less susceptible to stress and overwhelm and will be able to enjoy life more fully.

But there's more: with this new resilience you can take on more challenging adventures and make your dreams come true.

I talk about this along with revealing the true secret to being sexy here on German national TV.

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