Release Tensions & Great Posture

Learn some of my favorite techniques for a healthy & elegant posture and a relaxed back, neck & body. You will love the immediate effects! But if you do them on a regular basis, you will see tremendous change in your overall health, well-being and confidence.

This exercise is amazing for releasing neck tension:

The following exercise is perfect for instantly improving your posture:

This exercise is amazing for releasing back and neck tensions and the emotions we store in those parts of our body. You will feel like after a great professional back massage. It’s so relaxing that you might want to go to bed after you have done it, so it’s perfect for the evening:

This exercise is great for aligning your posture naturally and it helps you to easily let go of blocks you might have in the muscles and tissues in your back, neck and hip. It’s also a wonderful exercise to do in bed to help you fall asleep:

Exercises to release tension in neck and shoulders (2).png