Breast Massage for Lift, Detox and Self Love

Today I share of my favorite habits for beauty, health and sexy self confidence with you!

Due to the "sensitive topic" I have been hesitant for years to make this video, although I believe it's very important every woman. So in case you get any value out of it, I would appreciate comments, likes and shares.

A breast massage is a beautiful ritual to get in touch with your sensuality, to fall in love with your breasts and to keep them beautiful and firm for a lifetime. A breast massage enhances the blood circulation and brings the lymphatic flow in motion, detoxifies, reduces possible breast pain before menstruation and prevents cancer.

The massage also stimulates Oxytocin release, our stress-reducing love hormone!

In addition to all of this: during the breast massage you also have the opportunity to detect any knots or cysts. Doctors estimate that 90% of women have a lump in their breasts at a time in their life. It's no need to panic, but you should definitely check in with your gynecologist.

If all of this got you excited, follow my breast massage instruction here:

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Much love from Scotland!