8 Ways to Really Enjoy Holidays

Submitted by Coco on Wed, 12/19/2012

What are you planing for the holidays? If you are planing a family gathering I have 8 tips to make the most out of it:

1. Set an intention for the day: What would you like to experience? How would you like to be and how would you like the people around you to feel?

2. Do plan and prepare everything with love, but don't stress, keep breathing, focus on your intention and enjoy the process. If you don't enjoy the preparation, why do you do it at all?

3. Take some time to rest before the gathering, reconnect with your body and clear your energy: dance, do some pussy yoga or go for a walk.

4. Once your guests arrive, or you arrive at your hosts house: be present in the moment. Take your time to feel the energy and appreciate the time you spend together. The tip I give myself every time as I'm very talkative: talk less and listen more, hold space for others to unfold ;)

5. If you want deep connections with your loved ones: don't hide behind a facade. Try to be honest about yourself and share your feelings. Allow your true self to be seen.

6. Have a closer look on your relatives. Where do you see similarities? What do you love - what annoys you? Family is a perfect place to learn about ourselves.

7. If somebody always pushes your buttons and you notice a vicious circle in your interactions, just notice it for yourself. If you are in for some confrontation and positive change in your family's dynamics: think of a skillful way to point it out and see what happens. The key here is not to judge or the other person but to share how the thing the person says or does makes you feel.

8. Move in-between all the sitting and eating! Go for a walk all together, put on some music and teach your family some fun Bellydance moves or learn from what they have to share, play with the children or the dog!

I wish you a wonderful time where ever you are - celebrating or not.

With love,