How To Wake Up Sensuous

Submitted by Coco on Mon, 10/01/2012

I'm so happy you are reading my very first post right now! I will share with you my knowledge and techniques that will enable you to reconnect to your sensuous self.

The sensuous way of life will not only free you to cherish every bite of your precious life more fully – it will unleash your true inner source of wisdom, creativity and energy. Be ready to experience some serious personal shifts.

I can't wait for us to get started! But before we do, you need to know this:
There is no one simple trick to a fulfilled, sensuous and happy life.

The sensuous way is a lifestyle.The magic happens as you practice consistently. If you stop sensing... well, it's like sport or shaving ;)

The good news: it's fun, delicious and highly addictive... And I know you will love it!!

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This week's tip is about the way you start your day:
Try the following exercise every day, as long as you enjoy it – you will be amazed what you will discover about yourself. For making this even easier for you I prepared this sweet sheet. Print it out and place it right aside your bed, for easy guidance.

1. Just answer this question as you wake up: What do you sense and what do you think when you wake up? Did you dream? That's it. Don't judge yourself, don't evaluate, just observe and take some notes if you like.

2. Now let go of the thinking and indulge in pure feeling and sensing: What do you sense in your body? How do you feel when you start breathing deep and stretching your body deliciously? What emotions come up?

3. Stretch your beautiful body! On my Sensuous Dance Workout I share a delicious short routine that makes you feel just amazing in your body right from the start of your day.

4. Tell me your experiences on Facebook or Instagram! I'm so excited how this works for you!

You don't have time in the morning?
Well, you decide how you spend your time... it's your life and your day :)

You never get enough sleep?
Try going to bed earlier ;) I know it's not easy... but it actually works! I will share my tips for getting the most delicious and restful sleep very soon!

Your alarm clock always disturbs your wildest dreams?
Try to wake up naturally with a wake up light.

There are also plenty apps for Android and iPhone that also track your sleep rhythm and wake you up in the time between the deep sleep phases. Try out which one works for you.

Enjoy starting your tomorrow!

With love,

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